How to Start Your Workday Morning the Right Way [Infographic]

How do you handle the first 10 minutes of each workday morning? Are you setting yourself up for a productive and effective day?

It’s important with the start of any workday – particularly the busy ones. After all, when we are looking up at a crazy workday, there’s a level of anxiety about what you may face. It takes greater self-awareness, a positive mindset, and self-discipline each workday morning to counter what feels like negative gravity pulling you down as you face overwhelming demands.

But a lot of that stress can go away, if you start each workday the right way…

Start Your Workday Morning Off Right

So, how do successful people start their days? How can set (or reset) the tone and attitude for an entire day. How do you consistently develop habits can help you succeed today, and long-term?

Check out the infographic below from Business Insider to find out. As you’ll see, whether you walk into a crisis or just face the prospect of a long slog to quitting time, you can face the day with energy and vigor. You can choose to proactively resist the temptation to succumb to chaos. You can view morning developments as new challenges that you’re equipped to handle, just by:

  • Taking a moment to reflect on how yesterday went and how you can make today even better
  • Organizing how the day might go and then prioritizing your workload to achieve maximum productivity
  • Finding the right balance between helping others and saying “no” to people and asks that might prevent accomplishment of critical tasks
  • Resisting negativity (and making a habit of smiling and laughing)

Yes, mornings can suck, but you can do this!

Incorporate a few of these sixteen tips into your morning routine, and intentionally create a much more positive outcome for each and every workday!


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