Morning Routine: The Best Way to Jumpstart Your Day [Infographic]

What is your morning routine? And how do your morning habits impact your productivity through the day?

Are you one of those people who are less productive in the morning? Do you feel like coffee or an energy drink are the only things that make mornings bearable? Does your “morning” last until early afternoon?

If you answered any of these questions with “yes,” you’re definitely not alone. But, mornings can be a great time to get things done before the workday begins. And when you get to work, they can be one of the most productive parts of your day.

Great mornings don’t just happen, they’re planned. It takes intentional effort to remain inspired, and not just wired.

Creating a Morning Routine

This infographic, created by Entrepreneur, lists several tips on how you can maximize your mornings. It suggests ways to be more productive using research from sleep experts and productivity thought leaders. The goal: To help you take back your morning and add hours to your week.

Be sure to take a close look, and seriously consider adopting one or more of these great suggestions at a time. After all, understanding the dos and don’ts of a successful morning makes developing a morning routine that much easier. And it starts with refusing to hit the snooze button. Make yourself get out of bed and get started on your day. Don’t put it off!

Eventually, you’ll find ways to anticipate the power of a productive morning and begin your day eagerly, with purpose. Yes, these methods can take some intentional adjustments. But it is worth the effort. Because when you do you’ll be in the company of some of the most successful creatives and leaders working today.

Morning’s are, after all, inevitable. So you might as well rise and shine!


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