10 Powerful Tips for Building a Portfolio Website [Infographic]

What is a portfolio website? And if you aren’t a creative type, do you really need one to move your career forward?

Before the internet, photographers, designers, and creative artists relied on printed portfolios. Big, unwieldy leather cases that they would lug around from place to place trying to “sell” their talent. Sounds a lot like your resume, doesn’t it? With the rapid growth of the internet and online marketing, creative types all over the world have transformed their dull, printed portfolio books into an online portfolio website. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

No matter what your field of expertise, having your own portfolio website is quickly becoming an imperative.

Transforming the Portfolio Website

Obviously, not every career field lends itself to a more visual portfolio format. But, after all, what is a portfolio but a visual resume?

Your portfolio website is merely a showcase of your talents, examples of the work you do that clearly show how talented you are. It’s really just a more creative online resume… and you don’t have to keep copies on you everywhere you go. Of course, the creative types out there will use it to showcase their art, but you can showcase your talents using the same principles.

This infographic from Creative Bloq presents 10 powerful tips for creating a great portfolio website. Take a look and you’ll see that the advice is pretty much universal. The secret is all about being yourself, attracting attention, and standing out in the crowd. From content creation to networking, these tips will help you turn your website into a showcase of what you have to offer, no matter what your career field happens to be.

As the world of work continues to rely on online resources, your  digital portfolio can provide the edge you need!


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