Personal Branding Experts Reveal the Secrets of Success [Infographic]

Yes, the term “personal branding” may have crossed over into cliche status. However, there is no doubt that in today’s world of work how you market yourself plays a critical role in your career. So, we diligently groom our LinkedIn profile, sanitize our social media accounts, and then… we sit back and hope it works. But, is that effective personal branding?

Or is there more to it? Most experts say there most certainly is more to it. Specifically, they say you must be an active participant in your personal brand.

A to Z Tips from Personal Branding Experts

With social media platforms adding features and deploying new filters every day, your simple online persona may not have the impact you were hoping for. Effective personal branding is more than just baiting the mousetrap and waiting for recruiters to stumble in. It requires daily effort.

Remember, at this point, no one knows your value but yourself.

You have to reach out and grab people. And to do that, you must let them know you’re an expert in your field. How can you do this through personal branding? Thankfully, this infographic from the author of the book, The Road to Recognition, can help.

These A to Z tips from personal branding experts will help make sure you become a known commodity… within your existing network, and your industry. From blogging and commenting, to consistent digital media updates, to getting the most from LinkedIn, these tips will help you get noticed. They’ll show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram strategically to build a reputation as a go-to voice in your area of expertise.  You’ll also learn how to actively participate in building your online reputation.

In other words, they’ll help you put yourself out there for others to see.

After all, who wants to sit around waiting for life, and your career, to just happen?


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