#InternPro Chat | So Much More Than Work: The Life Experiences That Help Your Career

life experiencesThe truth is, a successful career often requires more than just a good education and day-to-day work experiences. It requires life experiences. After all, being a well-rounded individual can give you a competitive edge. And you can’t learn everything you need to know in a classroom.

The skills and lessons you learn from ordinary life experiences create a tapestry that can help you think outside the box and make more informed decisions. That adds value to any company. Life experiences can teach you how to defuse tense situations, deal with different personalities and cultures, and temper your own reaction to adversity. Traveling abroad, volunteering, or working with children can all teach valuable lessons that carry over to your career. Even getting fired can make you a more humble, conscientious employee.

Of course, one experience certain to help your career is joining us on Monday, June 10th for an insightful #InternPro discussion about those things everyone should experience at least once.

We’ll Answer These Questions Together…

Q1: What are some outside-of-work experiences that have shaped your career? How did those experiences make a difference?

Q2: Life outside the office has plenty of opportunities for adversity. When you overcome these challenges, how do you use that accomplishment in your career?

Q3: I’m told volunteering is a great way to develop soft skills and network, but I’m not sure how to get started. Suggestions? Advice once I’m there? 

Q4: Your thoughts? “Everyone should work in retail or food service at least once in your life. The experiences gained there are priceless.” 

Q5: I’m thinking about taking a gap year or sabbatical to travel and learn a foreign language. Career pros? And the cons?

Q6: I’m ready to give back. What are some ways to gain mentoring or provide leadership experience outside of a job/work environment? 

Q7: Can being fired ultimately be a good thing? What positives come (or what have you learned) from this seemingly negative experience?

Q8: What item on your bucket list might have the biggest impact on your career? What do want to do most… and when?

So, what are the things that everyone should experience at least once in their life? Bring your questions and stories to the discussion on Monday, June 10th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific as we explore our life experiences and the lessons we learned that will help our careers.

We are all the sum of our combined experiences. So why not put those experiences to work… at work?.


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