Attract and Engage: The Power of Consistent LinkedIn Status Updates

linkedin status updatesLinkedIn status updates are key to getting your profile noticed. In other words, having a great LinkedIn profile isn’t enough – you need to be active on LinkedIn to attract attention and engage with your network (and beyond).

Don’t just set up your LinkedIn profile and forget it!

Sharing regular status updates and being active on LinkedIn will guarantee more people view your profile. And the more people who view your profile, the greater the chances of gaining new connections or future job opportunities.

Topics For LinkedIn Status Updates

To help you understand what topics you should like, comment, or share on LinkedIn to update your statusand attract attention, here’s LinkedIn’s 2017 Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide data.

What topics do LinkedIn users care about?

  • Industry Insights
  • Tips/Best Practices
  • Jobs/Skills
  • Leadership
  • Industry Events
  • Product or Service Information
  • Employee Perspectives

Why LinkedIn Users Like Content

When someone logs into LinkedIn, they engage (like, comment, or share) with content that hits one of these:

  • Educational or informative
  • Relevant
  • Keeps them on top of trends
  • Inspiring
  • Helps with skill development

As you think about what to share, be on the lookout for content on LinkedIn that addresses one (or more) of these benefits.

Who’s Sharing Content on LinkedIn

You don’t need to be an influencer to update your status and attract attention on LinkedIn. Anyone can share engaging content. In fact, users reported engaging with content from a variety of sources.

This is your chance to jump in and begin adding updates to LinkedIn. Just make it inspirational and make sure it gets to the point!

  • 57% engaged with content from peers
  • 54% engaged with content from colleagues
  • 52% engaged with content from companies/brands
  • 51% engaged with content from influencers

Attract Attention By Updating Your LinkedIn Status Regularly

Only 18% of LinkedIn users log in daily (according to Pew Research, 2016). And when someone does log in, you want your status update to show up in their feed.

Seeing your face and headline along with the career-relevant content you share keeps you top of mind.

If you are actively job searching, I highly recommend you like, comment or share one article a day.

At the end of the day, what you are doing when you are active on LinkedIn is building your reputation and personal brand so people know how to mentally categorize you and your work.

Sharing Status Updates and Commenting Helps Attract Attention Too

Sometimes you will come across a great article someone has shared. Use the share button to share it and in your introduction, give credit to the person who posted it by tagging them (using the @ and typing their name).

Even commenting on content people have shared on LinkedIn can help build new relationships and expand your profile’s reach.

Anyone Can See How Active You Are

Can you know…you see anyone’s LinkedIn activities (likes, comments, shares or articles written on LinkedIn)?

Go to someone’s profile and scroll down until you see the Activity section. If they haven’t had any activity in 90 days, you won’t see anything. However, if they have liked, commented or shared content you will see their most recent activities. You can also choose to “see all” and take a look at all their activities.

This is a good way to gauge a person’s engagement on LinkedIn. It is also a great way to research someone to see what they are saying to whom.

Reputation Tip | Just as you can view the activity of LinkedIn users, so can others view your activity. Keep this in mind as you leave comments and share content on LinkedIn.

Formula For Sharing LinkedIn Status Updates

On LinkedIn or any other social network, use this formula to diversify your status updates and activities and prevent you from being too promotional.

1/4 Industry and/or occupational news + 1/4 Company/brand news + 1/4 Promote yourself (attending an event, recognition, presenting, professional achievement, etc.) + 1/4 Promote people in your network (reshare, kudos, congratulations, etc.).

When thinking about updating your status, keep these additional points in mind to attract attention:

  • Use visual images
  • Engage with people who comment on your posts
  • LinkedIn Native video performs well too!

Use LinkedIn To Get Your News & Updates

In order to post one status update a day, you need to have content to share. Reading and sharing relevant articles on LinkedIn makes it easier to share with your connections. Here are some ways to find interesting news:

LinkedIn suggests news and topics you may be interested in. It appears in a box at the top right of your home page.

Skim your feed. This section shows the activities from your connections. And you can change the view from “Top” to “Recent” by clicking on the arrow.

You may be surprised by what you see with these two different views. (LinkedIn will default back to Top news).

Follow The Right Things

You can follow a person, company, or hashtag to add content to your feed from that source. Follow People and Companies of Interest.

If there are companies you are interested in, follow them so their posts show up in your feed. You can follow people instead of connecting.

You will find the “follow” option under the “more” button.

Search & Follow Hashtags

Hashtags are categories or topics. You can search LinkedIn for hashtags that appear in articles or other people’s status updates. Consider using 3 hashtags when you share articles too. This will help your shared content show up in search results.

Here’s your challenge…post one of these ideas Monday through Friday for the next month!

You’ll be sure to attract attention and improve engagement.


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