Visual Content: How to Make Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out

visual contentIf you have been ignoring the power of visual content, maybe now is the time to start…

Have you heard? Visual marketing is hot! Businesses use pictures, images, and video to promote themselves and their products and services. And you should too! After all, we all want to increase the number of people viewing, sharing and engaging with what we share or write!

But sometimes, getting started using visual content is challenging. In fact, when speaking with job seekers, business owners, and companies, I often hear things like, “I don’t know what to share.” And, “we wouldn’t benefit from using visuals” or “my business isn’t visual.”

But when you look on social media, you’ll see there are all types of companies (and people) creating and sharing visuals.

Why Is This Happening?

We are using mobile devices, we are overwhelmed by information and we are busy!

  • Pictures instantly tell a story (and we see pictures faster than we can read text).
  • Images also help people feel emotionally connected to the content!
  • Web content containing visuals like images or videos perform better — on average, receiving up to 94% more views. (source)

Using pictures, images and video is one more way to get people to know, like and trust you. And they’ll remember your message better too!

Types of Visual Content To Create and Use

Pictures, images, and video are three different types of visuals you can use either within blog posts or as status updates on social networks or within marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Pictures | Featuring you, fellow employees, key clients, events, volunteering, projects, successes.

Images | Create memes, testimonials, quotes, infographics, process maps, guidelines, reading lists, word clouds.

Video | Record “How to” videos, customer testimonials or day-in-the-life videos. You can try interviewing people on video. (Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram Story or even LinkedIn)

Best Tools To Use

Creating visual content is easier than you think! Free Tools For A Better Online Presence lists 8 free tools you can use to create and share visuals.

Photos | Take your own photos or use  Pixabay, MorguefileDeath To StockUnsplash.  (Other sources of photos may require you provide attribution). This is one reason I like to use these four sources; no attribution is required.

Photo Editing/Graphics/Micro-Content | Whether you want to add text to a photo or create your own image from scratch, I recommend CanvaPablo by Buffer, and Adobe Spark.

Infographics | There are numerous free tools to help you create infographics.  VismeVenngage and even Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create infographics as well.

Social Sharing

Share your images on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as a status update! LinkedIn says “simply having a profile photo results in up to 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests!” Don’t stop there. Transform your LinkedIn profile into a visually stunning portfolio!

Imagine adding a video message as a status update on LinkedIn? You can. See some examples in this LinkedIn announcement. Or bundle them into a presentation on SlideShare for greater reach!

Pinterest is also an easy way to get started. Use it as a visual scrapbook to house your career successes. Consider it your career portfolio. Instagram, Tumblr, and SnapChat are also simple to use.


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