#InternPro Chat | Lessons from Superheroes: How to Create a Powerful Career (No Cape Required)

career buildingWhat superhero powers do you need to carve out a powerful career?

Sometimes your career can seem like a comic book – filled with obstacles to overcome and wrongs to make right. Some days, it may even feel like there’s an Arch-villain hiding in a secret lair whose diabolical plan is to ruin your future and stamp out your success

So what is a mere mortal to do? After all, you’re not faster than a speeding bullet. You can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. But fear not! You don’t have to wear tights and a cape to have superpowers. The trick is learning to apply the powers you already have toward building a powerful career

Then, you too can be a hero… and for more than just one day.

Whether your career obstacles lurk in the shadows or darken the brightest day, you have the power to break free, and soar. Join us on, on Monday, May 13th for an epic #InternPro Chat about the superpowers that exist within each of us. Together, we’ll learn to scale the walls of success and bend the bars holding us back. We’ll also talk about how you can use your superpowers for career building and become the hero of your own career story.

The Following Questions Await Our Heroic Discussion…

Q1: What superhero powers do employers covet most? How do I learn, then demonstrate, those superpowers?

Q2: I’m currently a sidekick, but I’m capable of so much more. At work, how do I become known as the superhero who saves the day?

Q3: Your advice? “While I work at superhero speed, my boss ‒ who I’m starting to see as a supervillain ‒ gets the credit for the good deeds done.”

Q4: Some days I’m Dr. Bruce Banner. Other days I turn into the Hulk. What can I do to display a consistent level of emotional intelligence?

Q5: Obviously my superpower is invisibility. After all, I’m not getting noticed by employers. How do I become more visible, online and off?

Q6: My “justice league” isn’t happy with me. They say I’m a lone wolf and not good at collaboration. How do I change that reputation?

Q7: I can’t even get to work on time, let alone leap over the building in a single bound. How do I get more motivated to do good work?

Q8: My superhero spirit animal, at least in the workplace, is ______ because she/he is so good at ______.

Remember, when it comes to Superhero stories, the heroes always win (except in “The Avengers” which was really weird). So, come fly with us on Monday, May 13th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific as we explore our career superpowers and defeat the obstacles holding us back from a powerful career.

Along the way, we just might help take your career… up, up and away!



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