Interviewing 101: 20 Important Interview Lessons [Infographic]

Graduation approaches. You’ve almost completed your formal education. It’s time to enter the workforce and begin that career you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money planning for. There’s only one thing left to do… go back to school. Yes, it’s time to begin an intensive course of study to learn some of the most important skills to get your career started. And your first class is interviewing 101.

Time to Register for Interviewing 101

Pay attention; class is in session. But don’t panic! The syllabus for Interviewing 101 is short and the course materials won’t cost you a fortune. Everything you need is in this infographic from Carthage College. Here, they present 20 excellent job interview tips, all in one place, to get you ready for every job interview. From thoroughly understanding the company, to preparing for the most common interview questions, to what not to do or say… it’s in here!

Yes, your formal education is almost at an end. But life is a learning process. And so is your job search. There’s always something you can learn to improve your chances of landing your dream job and starting a fulfilling career. Nailing the interview is the step. So, study hard and jump to the head of the class and the top of the candidate list.

If you don’t, your next class might by a symposium on how to handle rejection…


interviewing 101.


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