Having Trouble Finding the Right Job? Try Google for Jobs [Infographic]

The right job opportunity doesn’t often just jump up and introduce itself. You have to look for it. But where do you look? You can spend hours combing through the various online job boards one at a time, of course. You can do research and check “Employment Opportunities” pages at company websites. Or, you can register with a paid recruiting service. But there has to be an easier way, right? Maybe that easier way is as simple as using Google for Jobs.

How to Use “Google for Jobs”

If there is one thing you can count on in today’s internet-connected, online world, it’s that you can find anything on Google. The search engine giant even has a feature specifically for job seekers: Google for Jobs. With access to the entire world wide web including Facebook, LinkedIn, Monster, and every maor job board, this feature can help you find any job. Bit not just any job: The right job, in the right city, and with the right company.

This infographic from GreatResumesFast will walk you through the steps of effectively using Google for Jobs. Just type in the job you want and the city you want to work in and let the magic of technology do the rest. Of course, you still have to apply, interview, and win the job in the traditional manner. After all, the internet is great, but it can’t do everything.

With Google for Jobs, however, you’re getting your career off to a good start… or to the next level.




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