Getting Started: The Cure for Procrastination [Infographic]

Do you suffer from the dreaded disease, “puttingthingsofftilthelastminuteitus?” Do you have trouble getting started when it comes to overwhelming tasks?

Many people do. In fact, only one in ten Americans achieve everything they set out to do each day. Sometimes it just takes one ‘iceberg’ task to sink all of your good intentions. You put it off until after lunch, then move it to the end of the day, and finally… first thing to tomorrow. Eventually, your ‘to do’ list becomes more like a novel. Your stress rises. Stress and procrastination affect your mental and physical health. And things go downhill from there.

Getting Started is the Cure

For a start, breaking that iceberg task into small, manageable chunks makes getting started seem a lot easier. Make a list or timeline so you can feel the satisfaction of ticking things off as you go, rather than waiting to tick the whole giant task from your main ‘to do’ list. Importantly, this helps you to highlight that one ‘transition point’ that will get the ball rolling. It might be as simple as picking up the phone if the task is an important call that you’ve been putting off.

You can also personalize your technique. After all, motivation is different for everybody. Some have introvert energy, some are extroverts; some are night owls, some are most productive in the mornings. Arrange your schedule so your potential iceberg projects crop at appropriate moments. For example, set creative tasks for first thing in the morning if that’s when you’re most creative, and pencil in repetitive admin tasks for the post-lunch energy slump. This infographic from Net Credit will show you how to defeat procrastination and get on with tasks you’ve been avoiding.

So, take these ideas to heart and you’ll certainly feel better in the morning.


getting started.


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