5 Essential Soft Skills for an Automated World [Infographic]

How will your skill set need to change in the future of work? As automation continues to make a bigger impact on the workforce, what will be considered essential soft skills?

As a society, we are no strangers to the side effects of automation. When our ancestors developed a plow to till their fields, a single farmer could suddenly do as much work as a dozen men. When the printing press arrived in Europe, scribes who had carefully cultivated their craft quickly found themselves out of work.

The biggest difference between modern workers and our industrious ancestors? Today, we face a much more rapid pace of automation. And as the pace of automation increases, workers will have to reassess their skill sets. Specifically, we’ll need to focus on those essential soft skills that will humanize our automated world.

Essential Soft Skills for an Automated World

When robots come for human jobs, the humans must adapt to new types of work. Think about some of the jobs that have sprung into existence recently. Data scientists, content curators, virtual assistants, and app developers wouldn’t exist without the steady evolution of technology. Even some traditional jobs have seen a surge in demand as automation progresses. For example, the financial industry discovered that the convenience of ATMs could coexist with customer demand for relationship-based banking. People appreciate face-to-face interactions with their bankers. That’s why soft skills like empathy, collaboration, interpersonal communication, and creativity will always be in demand.

This infographic from Beacon Hill details the five essential soft skills that may be more in-demand than ever before when automation comes to your industry sector. These are skills that help us relate to one another and feel for each other… two things automation can never do. There will always be a place for that human connection in the business world.

So if the robots are coming for your job, get ready for a new one that only humans can do.


essential Soft Sills.


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