Planning Your Day for a Productive Job Search [Infographic]

How do ensure you’re conducting a productive job search? How do you make sure you aren’t just spinning your wheels?

Imagine you’re looking for your next great job and have an entire day to dedicate to job searching. How should you plan out your schedule? When is the best time to apply for jobs? When would the best part of the day be to work on your resume? Which are the best hours to work on the more challenging aspects of a job search?

As you might have guessed from considering these questions, a productive job search takes careful planning.

Plan a Productive Job Search

The latest research on the science of timing tells us not only HOW but also WHEN to complete certain tasks throughout your day. It also tells us doing this well plays a big part in how successful you’ll be.

For example, exercising in the morning may help you lose weight, while exercising in the evening may help you perform your best. Our effectiveness tends to plummet in the midafternoon, whereas our minds are sharpest in the mornings and most creative and receptive in the evenings.

Timing can affect your job search too. After all, you don’t want to write your resume when you’re not at your best. Check out this infographic from iHire to learn more about how the time of day affects job search productivity. As you take in all this great advice, you’ll discover HOW you can apply the science of timing, and WHEN to do what, to run a productive job search.

After all, when conducting a productive job search… timing is everything.


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