Social Learning: How Do We Learn In-Demand Soft Skills? [Infographic]

How do we master the soft skills today’s employers demand? Turns out the dominating factor just might be informal social learning…

More and more, potential employers are looking at soft skills to help them decide between equally qualified candidates. After all, today’s businesses want to focus on connecting with people. And soft skills facilitate the connection between coworkers and between customers and employees, and help build mutually-beneficial relationships. Just as vital, they build trust and generate loyalty.

And which soft skills do employers covet most? The answer to that question varies by companym of course. However,  all personal interaction and emotional intelligence skills such as being positive and friendly. Communicating well, solving problems, observing, organizing, adapting and more are also typically included.

But how do we acquire these skills? We learn them from each other through social learning.

Social Learning and the Development of Soft Skills

In school, did you ever spend time socializing instead of studying? You may have heard someone suggest you weren’t going to learn through osmosis. Well, the truth is, that’s exactly how most soft skills are learned.

We absorb these skills from our interaction with mentors, coaches, experts, and even our peers. We learn these skills in the trenches, by communicating and collaboration by working with others. You can’t really learn them from a book; you learn by doing.

This infographic from D2L discusses essential soft skills and the ways we can develop those skills to advance our career. It will also reveal why such skills are in-demand and what employers expect in the ideal candidate.

As you’ll see, social learning comes down to taking advantage of the resources around you. Learn from others and eventually, pass what you learn on to your peers. In the end, you can learn a great deal from those all around you.

And recognizing social learning as the gold mine it might be for your career? Well, that may be the most important soft skill of them all.


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