Networking Science: How to Build Valuable Relationships [Infographic]

If you really want to grow your professional networks, you’ve got to focus on building valuable relationships through networking science…

Networking isn’t just about shaking hands and trading business cards. It’s not just about trying to find a dream job or new gig. A solid network is helpful for a variety of reasons. For example, it can assist you when launching a business, showcasing a project, and of course, meeting new people.

But there is an art and science to networking.

Networking Science 101

The best part about networking? Other than occasionally leaving your comfort zone, there are no downsides.

Of course, it might sound daunting at first. But people with strong social networks also are typically more confident, happier, and healthier. In fact, according to the research in this infographic from NetworkWise, strong and healthy networks can lead to a decrease in dementia, breast cancer, and other health issues.

The three most important types of networks you should develop are operational, personal, and strategic. Operational means gaining contacts and connections with people important to your business. Personal, of course, refers to those people you socialize with and who are more likely to become your friends. Strategic connection consist of the people you strategically connect with to share ideas and whom you look up to.

Sure, all this may sound like a lot of work. But with the help of network science, building valuable relationships has become easier and more achievable than ever.


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