How to Ask Your Boss for a Bigger Raise [Infographic]

As the global economy improves, profit margins are soaring – but far too often regular employee doesn’t benefit, at least not right away. In fact, nearly half of Americans believe they’re underpaid. To make matters worse: Many of us find it difficult to ask for a bigger raise.

But there is no shame in expecting to be paid what you’re worth in this economy. And after all, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

How to Ask for a Bigger Raise

When asking for a raise, being objective can help to remove the mystery that surrounds levels of pay. Companies often have set structures with raises based on service time. But as you grow, you may move beyond that set salary scale. Do some research into what other people doing a similar job earn – within your company and elsewhere. Calculating what your work is worth can give you the confidence to proceed without feeling ‘entitled.’ Of course, you don’t want to seem pushy. But you don’t want to leave money on the table either.

This infographic from provides a comprehensive guide to asking for a bigger raise. As you’ll see here, your request shouldn’t just be framed in terms of what you believe your work is worth, but what you feel you are achieving as part of the company. Our favorite bit: The use the word ‘we’ to reflect that your heart is with the team and that you’re keen to discuss how to move forward together.

Take a look. Then put this good advice to work, so your work pays you what you’re worth today!


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