Small Talk: The Art of Chatting Your Way to Success [Infographic]

Ultimately, we are a social species. Passing time with each other makes us happier. Speaking with others also builds a sense of well-being, trust, and camaraderie. Of course, this applies to your professional life as well. After all, we spend more time socializing with the people at work than we do with anyone but our closest friends and family members. To take full advantage of that socialization, you must master the art of small talk.

The Art of Small Talk

The trick to using small talk at work or while networking? Make it work for you.

Becoming comfortable, and perhaps even mastering, smaller talk can not only help improve your relationships with colleagues, it can also teach you valuable lessons. You can use your talking partner as a source of new topics, information, or insights that can give you a leg up. This level of conversation is a skill like any other. Only with this skill, learning how to do it can actually improve your other skills.

This infographic from Onward was created to help you perfect your small talk game. From what more informal version of conversation is to how it works to the skills you need to master, it presents a comprehensive course in idle conversation and how to make it work for you.

So take a look, then begin to advance your career at the water cooler as well as the conference room.


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