How to Recognize the Perfect Job Offer [Infographic]

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of winning. When you work hard to achieve a goal and you finally reach it, you feel a sense of euphoria and accomplishment. In the case of your job search, you might think that you’ve won when you receive a job offer. And rightly so!

This accomplishment should be met with a sigh of pride, right? But sometimes the relief of no longer spending your free time filling out applications can blind you to some of the realities of that offer.

Is this job the one you really want? 

Evaluating a Job Offer

Often times, job seekers will only ask one question before accepting the offer: What’s the salary?

Yes, salary should be an important part of the decision. But many people don’t dive deeper into the offer to understand the big picture. With so many valuable plans and programs, completely understanding what you’re being offered is crucial. This is especially true since this can impact your overall job satisfaction. So in order to be sure that you aren’t missing out on opportunities to save money or improve your work-life balance, you need to learn to evaluate job offers in greater detail.

This infographic from Execu|Search lays out the five most important components to consider when evaluating a job offer. Does the job offer benefits? What benefits does it offer? What is the culture like at this company? These questions and more can seriously impact your decision if you take them into consideration.

You finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Make sure it’s not an oncoming train.


job offer.


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