It’s Never Too Late to Add 2019 LinkedIn Resolutions

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With all the New Year’s celebrations behind us, I’d like to share with you the very best LinkedIn resolutions for 2019. After all, it’s never too late to add another resolution to your 2019 list.

So your efforts on the site can contribute (hopefully in a really big way) to your success this year, these include improving your profile, network, connections, and activities. I have also included an additional resource for each of the resolutions in case you need more details on that specific LinkedIn strategy.

So let’s get started!

LinkedIn Resolutions for Your Profile

I will make sure that my LinkedIn profile photo (and also background photo) are current and properly reflect my personal brand.

These photos are very important. Why? Because they set the tone for the rest of your profile, where you can only include a few photos and limited graphics. So choose photos that display your professionalism. At every opportunity, seek to make a great first impression.

I will make sure my LinkedIn headline clearly states what I do and how I can help people.

Are headlines important on articles we reador don’t read, for that matter? Of course, they are. So don’t simply use the default LinkedIn headline (your current job title and current company name). Create a headline that will entice readers to look at the rest of your profile and then reach out and ask you to connectand hopefully these relationships will lead to quantifiable results.

I will properly keyword optimize my profile so the LinkedIn search ranking algorithm gives me the favor I deserve.

I do quite a few one-on-one LinkedIn consultations each week, and keyword optimization is the quickest way to get my clients to come up on the first few pages of LinkedIn searches for their products and services. It is not the only thing that goes into the magic LinkedIn algorithm, but it is the easiest thing to fix. Don’t wait around to make this critical adjustment to your profile. Your competitors and the other candidates for the job you’re looking for may be getting this advice as well.

LinkedIn Resolutions for Your Network

I will prepare for important “networking type” meetings by reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of the participants and doing a filtered search of their networks.

LinkedIn makes is extremely easy to research people’s career paths, what they’re currently doing, what they’re interested in, and who they know. Do some research beforehand, and then you’ll spend less time getting to know them and more time learning how you can help them and they can help you (perhaps by introducing you to important people in their networks).

I will always customize my invitation when asking someone to join my LinkedIn network.

Remember, you’re asking to be part of someone’s treasured assettheir networkand you should be respectful and take the time to let them know that you’ll treat them and their network with the highest level of professionalismand don’t forget to tell them how they’ll benefit as well.

LinkedIn Resolutions for Your Connections

I will consistently review who has viewed my profile and take the appropriate steps to not only connect or message them but perhaps make a follow-up call, send an email, or schedule a meeting.

Based on my most recent LinkedIn user survey, Who’s Viewed Your Profile is the top-rated Linkedin featureand for good reason. They took the first step toward you, which makes it really easy for you to take the next step.

I will not simply hit the Accept button on the inbound invitations; I will consider a follow-up call, email, and/or meeting.

Just like the step above, an inbound invitation was initiated by the other party. Therefore, it’s your move. So make an impact on this new relationship rather than simply adding another body to your network. As far as I know, there’s no prize for having the biggest network. What you really want is a robust network that will help you reach your business and career goals.

I will create a routine for finding and connecting with people in my target audience, and I will leverage the connections I already have.

These two often overlooked LinkedIn strategies will help ring your cash register quicker tha any other strategies. Trust me on this. I know lots of successful LinkedIn users who get big-time results by focusing solely on these two strategies.

A LinkedIn Resolution for Your Account

I will evaluate whether I should move from my free account to a premium account. (Or if I should cancel or upgrade my premium account as soon as possible.)

Between 50 and 75 percent of my clients who have premium LinkedIn accounts have no idea what they’re getting for their money. Or even how to use the upgraded account. They’re simply wasting their or their company’s money on the premium account. There are others who need to be on a premium account but won’t spend the money. For many, that decision is holding back their chances for significant results. So figure out as soon as possible if you fall into either of these camps.

There you have itthe very best LinkedIn new year’s resolutions. Whether you do every one of these or pick and choose just a few, I’m confident that LinkedIn will help you achieve great success in 2019.


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