Goal Setting 101: The Evolution of the New Year Resolution [Infographic]

A new year is upon us. That means a fresh start… and, of course, the annual creation of the new year resolution. For many of us, this is a time to think bigger. To make promises to ourselves about the kind of person we choose to be. And to think about the kind of career and life we want.

The trouble with using the first day of the new year to make these promises? We often break them not too long after we’ve made them. With that in mind, let’s take a look the evolution of the new year resolution…

The New Year Resolution

Did you know 80% of people fail to stick to their new year resolution for longer than 6 weeks? On one hand, that’s pretty shocking. On the other hand, perhaps it isn’t that surprising; after all, it can take up to 66 days to form a new habit.

This is the reason many people give up on their new year resolutions as early as the second Friday in January, AKA “Quitters’ Day.”

Avoid becoming a victim of Quitters’ Day by checking out this infographic from JD Williams that outlines the who, what, where, when and why of resolutions. Here you’ll see the the top ten resolutions from 2018, as well as some fantastic resolution ideas for 2019. Perhaps more important to your career and life goals, this infographic also lists the traits of a resolution breaker compared to the traits of a resolution keeper.

Take a look. Then ask yourself: How will I make sure I’m living a better life, and have a more fulfilling career, this time next year?


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