2019 Recruitment Trends That May Help You Get Hired [Infographic]

Well, the holidays are over. We have opened all the gifts, cooked the fatted goose, and watched the ball drop. Time to get back to work. And if that work involves finding a new job in the coming year, you’ll want to start with an advantage. So, it’s time to follow up on our previous post and take a look at upcoming 2019 recruitment trends that may help you find your dream job in the new year.

2019 Recruitment Trends to Follow

What better way to prepare for a 2019 job search than to follow the current trends in recruiting? After all, you’ll want to know what those recruiters expect from top-tier candidates. Where do they look for talent? What new technologies do they use to find and differentiate candidates? This infographic from HelloTalent lays out the hot recruitment trends as 2019 begins.

You already know about the importance of social media. You know you can use LinkedIn and Facebook to help in your job search. But as the years change so do the tactics and technologies used to fill the jobs you want:

  • Do you know about Job “dating” apps?
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in hiring practices?
  • Are you ready to play a “game” during the interview process?
  • As for that musty old resume or boring profile… have you looked into the emergence of video as a personal sales tool?

This infographic is a great place to start learning exactly how employers find and hire you!

So, familiarize yourself with these 2019 recruitment trends, and start the new year ready for success.


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