27 Chrome Extensions that Help Boost Productivity [Infographic]

Google Chrome is far and away the most used internet browser. It supports a huge number of extensions, which are easy-to-install and usually free. Things you thought impossible to achieve with a browser become possible with these add-ons. In fact, you can boost productivity in a big way by optimizing your Chrome extensions.

How to Boost Productivity with Chrome Extensions

Your browser is a portal to a wild world of information as is. But with a suite of extensions that work for you, it’s fairly simple to boost your productivity. Scroll through this visual guide from Onward to learn about 27 extensions that might suit your needs. Then add them to your browser in just a couple of clicks. As you’ll see, one of the greatest threats to productivity online is the constant influx of distractions… and this infographic lists several extensions to fix that.

For example: Ever feel like every tab you have open has something more interesting to offer than the one you’re supposed to be working on? Extensions like “Inbox When Ready” and “Session Buddy” can help you map out your tabs, organize your workflow, and avoid those dreaded distractions. There are also several extensions to help you tame that dreaded email inbox.

Optimize your browser (and your work life) by adding a few of these extensions. You’ll soon boost productivity… and gain some much-needed peace of mind.


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