10 Ways to Use Social Media for Career Management

career managementFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram go everywhere we go. In fact, it seems we’re always connected. So why not use social media to help you with career management?

Social media is about word of mouth marketing, developing relationships, and also connecting with new contacts.

And this doesn’t have to be difficult. After all: No matter where you are in your work life: recent college graduate, mid-career or closing in on retirement, “there is an app for that.” Which means you don’t have to hire an ad agency to help spread the word about your talent and expertise. All you need is a goal and a strategy.

Use these ten career management strategies to help set your goal. Then leverage the power of social media to expand your reputation for excellence.

1.  Expand Your Sphere of Influence

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with past colleagues, professional association members, and also professional peers
  • Connect with high school friends, college friends and friends of friends on Facebook
  • Pay attention to the “Who to Follow” recommendations on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups

2.  Secure Your Brand

When someone searches for your name, you want them to find the best references online. Creating social media profiles is one good way to do this. You may also want to publish content, get mentioned in newspapers, and own your own domain (website URL).

  • Build a complete profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Use Slideshare to host your presentations
  • Create Google alerts using your name to see when you are mentioned

3.  Keep Current with Industry Trends

By staying up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry, you add value to your current organization and also prepare yourself for future shifts. This is good career management. You may even begin learning new skills or technology as a result of what you learn.

  • Read Smartbrief for your industry
  • Subscribe to industry newsletters
  • Use Alltop to find some of the best industry blogs
  • Join professional associations

4.  Share Current Information

Demonstrate you are “in the know” by regularly adding status updates to your social media accounts.

  • Share articles and links to great content on LinkedIn as a status update (get ideas here)
  • “Like” good articles on Facebook so others can see what you know
  • Re-tweet industry experts
  • Create your own list of “who’s who” on Twitter or follow other lists (here’s how)

5.  Give to Get

Take the initiative and proactively give a shoutout or complement to people you respect. It goes a long way and shows you value them. You can’t expect reciprocity, but you may just get it.

  • Give a recommendation on LinkedIn to get one
  • Offer a friend help on Facebook
  • Re-tweet, giving proper credit

6.  Be Your Own PR Firm

  • Use video and audio to promote your personal brand on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Create Slideshare presentations (see examples)
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and incorporate multiple forms of media (get ideas)
  • Update your status regularly across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

7.  Nurture Relationships

  • Respond to questions and comments related to your niche on user forums, blogs and LinkedIn
  • Engage with people across social media and take the relationship to the next level
  • Develop trusting online relationships by promoting their services, thoughts or ideas

8.  Demonstrate Technical Savvy

If you worry that you may be perceived as old, using social media is a fantastic way to debunk the myth that older workers are behind in technology.

  • Read about cutting-edge social media strategies and test them yourself

9.  Monitor Your Work

Do you know what type of status updates do best with your network?  Every week or so, assess your progress.

  • Look at your activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and see how many likes and comments you received
  • See what’s being said about you across social media using Social Mention

10.  Don’t Knock It Before You Try It

This may seem like a lot of work. But if you are already using social media, then most of these actions won’t take much more time.

Career management through social media only requires you have a goal to promote yourself and share your professional side. Then a solid strategy to execute. So don’t wait… get started this week!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa.


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