Life Lessons from Steve Jobs You Can Apply to Your Career [Infographic]

Life is hard. Many of us think we can “go it” alone. The truth is, though: We need all the help we can get. That’s why we often turn to saints and sages for the kind of life lessons that can help us navigate our lives.

But when it comes to our careers, where do we turn to for impactful advice? In the business world, there is, perhaps, no more successful font of wisdom than Steve Jobs.

Career and Life Lessons from Steve Jobs

In recent years, few people have been more successful, or more revered, than Stave Jobs. You can emulate his habits, and follow his daily routines, but mimicking the man won’t help you. You have to get advice from the man himself.

This infographic from relays ninr inspitational life lessons from the founder of Apple, in his own words. And whether he tells you to follow your heart or swing for the fences, you would do well to listen.

Want to be your best? Take advice from the best.


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