The Future of Work: What Will Your 2027 Job Look Like? [Infographic]

As people often say: only change remains constant. This is especially true when it comes to the workplace, where it seems the only constant is an ever-accelerating rate of change. Are you ready for your 2027 job? And the future of work?

The rapid pace of change, shifting demographics, and globalization drive transformation and define the future of work. To survive in the this new economy, companies must excel at adapting to changing markets and business landscapes. This requires tapping into people’s innate capacity for learning, growth, and innovation.

Of course, companies aren’t the only entity that must change. We must change too.

What Will Your Job in the Future of Work Look Like?

Some people fear technological advancements will eventually replace their job. And in some cases, that may be true. But, technology has made a lot of things about our lives much easier and more enjoyable. Finding our way around a city, buying products, staying in touch with our friends, and even watching movies is all different now. The fact is: hundreds of other life experiences have transformed through social and mobile technologies. And now our work experiences are seeing the same level of transformation.

This infographic from Gartner predicts the ways in which technology will shape your future job. As you’ll see, we need to expect exponential growth in the use of artificial intelligence, chatbots, intelligent services, machine learning, and also mobile solutions. And yes, we’ll use social platforms in our jobs to make work more enjoyable, simple, and engaging.

Which brings us to the human side of this issue: People are not meant to live in an “always on” 24-7 world. The pace of work is literally burning people out. Companies need highly engaged, creative, and service oriented employees. But this is impossible to do if employees are tired, stressed, and distracted. Technological advancements can help bring balance to our lives at work, as well as at home.

One thing is certain, whatever your future job looks like, it will be here before you know it. And you need to be ready…


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