What to Take from 2018 Recruitment Trends [Infographic]

As we officially enter another holiday season and another year begins to wind down, we often look back on the year that was and evaluate our experiences. We learn from both our mistakes and triumphs. And we look for trends that may help us establish a course for the coming year. Job seekers, and future job seekers, can do this too. Looking at the recruitment trends established throughout 2018 can help you understand where the job market has been and where it’s going.

With those insights, you can create a plan of attack that will advance your career in 2019 and beyond.

2018 Recruitment Trends

Hiring trends continue to change as the world evolves; what worked in 2008 won’t work today. As a job seeker, your expectations and your knowledge of current trends will help you advance your career. Studying current recruitment trends helps you anticipate what the direction of the job market. This infographic from Manila Recruitment is a perfect study guide.

In 2018, both remote work and artificial intelligence became buzzwords in human resources circles. Remote work opportunities require self-motivated, organized candidates. So, you might want to emphasize those skills on your resume. Also, standing out from the competition is more important than anything else, especially if recruiters begin to use tools to automatically eliminate candidates.

After all… if you understand where recruitment trends are heading, you can be there first!


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