LinkedIn Recommendations: More Important than Ever Before

LinkedIn recommendationsHow important are LinkedIn recommendations in today’s job search? And to your career? Let’s discuss!

With all the recent emphasis on LinkedIn endorsements, is it still important to have recommendations displayed on your profile? This is currently a very common point of confusion on LinkedIn, and I’m here to clear things up.

The answer is, LinkedIn recommendations are more important than ever!

So here are some winning strategies relating to recommendations on your profile you might not have considered…

1.  Your Name Appears on Other People’s Profiles

What better place to have your name and your job title show up than on the profile of a very important, well-respected individual in your town or industry. Talk about personal branding and increasing awareness of your brands—this really hits the target.

2. Recommendations Can Be Used in Other Profile Sections

Currently LinkedIn displays the two most recently received recommendations in their entirety, which I really like. But the rest of them are typically not viewed because the reader needs to click Show more to see the entire list.

Action steps | Review all of your recommendations. Grab the most impactful quotes/statements, and include those in the Description section of any Job Experience entries to which they apply.

Another idea is to put together a document with a page full of your best quotes/statements. Then add that as media in your Summary or applicable Job Experience entries.

Both of these strategies will encourage more people to read your very best LinkedIn recommendations. They also could also move you ahead of your competitors.

3.  Recommendations Are Part of LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm

LinkedIn has shared that a couple of the important components of their “secret sauce” recipe (who gets picked up in a search and how high he or she appears):

  • The number of recommendations
  • The keywords that people are searching by and for

You don’t have to like this or agree with it—just understand it and then make it work for you.

Action step | Go out and get lots of LinkedIn recommendations loaded with your most important keywords. This will help you move up in the search rankings when people are looking for someone like you.

4.  Recommendations Give You Insight into How People Think

This one is from one of my former job-seeking friends (notice I said “former”).

Prior to an interview, she reviewed the recommendations the interviewer had written for others. From this she learned that the interviewer appreciates attention to detail. Armed with this insight, my friend made a point of sharing with the interviewer all the wonderful real-life examples she had that pointed out her attention to detail. She got the job!

This process can also help you learn what attributes your potential customer, vendor, donor, or employer find important.

5.  Recommendations Fuel The New Trust Economy

Pre-Internet, selecting the vendor of choice included lots of phone calls, meetings, brochures, proposals, interviews, presentations, more interviews, more presentations, etc. by almost every potential vendor in the market. Now think of how we do it in the Internet age: Google, Google, and more Google.

I am not saying that all the steps I mentioned are no longer part of the process, but by reviewing company websites, business and product review websites, comparison shopping websites, blogs, and all the other social media sites, we are able to eliminate vendors before we ever actually contact them.

So get busy and seek out some impressive LinkedIn recommendations from your customers, clients, vendors, professors, anyone who can attest to how great you and your products or services are.

It will make you stand out from the crowd and help you land your next business or career opportunity.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Power Formula.


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Wayne Breitbarth AuthorAbout the Author: Wayne Breitbarth is the CEO of Power Formula LLC. An experienced businessman, speaker, and author, Wayne shares his passion for social media with 40,000+ business professionals. Through private business consulting and presentations to audiences including Inc. Magazine and also the American Marketing Association, Wayne makes LinkedIn simple. Wayne is the author of the best-selling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. Connect with him on Twitter.



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