8 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Mentor [Infographic]

Are you looking for the perfect mentor to help guide your career? Then you may already know: It can be hard to determine who best fits your needs.

Whether you want to launch a business or take the next step in your career, it’s helpful to remember that you don’t need to find someone who will solve all your problems and answer every question you have. Many professionals have multiple mentors over the course of their careers as their needs and goals change.

At their core, mentorships are friendships founded on achieving a common goal.

And you wouldn’t limit yourself to just one friendship would you?

Finding the Perfect Mentor

So how do you find the perfect mentor? Or mentors?

For starters, take a look at this helpful infographic from Fundera. Here, you’ll be taken step by step on how to find a mentor that will help you achieve your professional or entrepreneurial goals. From establishing the specific goals you’d like to accomplish, to identifying a potential influencer, to asking the right questions… this is knowledge we can all use. Our favorite piece of advice? Step 8: offer something in return. After all, a true mentor relationship is mutually-beneficial.

Since it can be daunting to ask someone to become your mentor (Step 7 in the infographic), here’s one more thought…

Remember that many mentors feel that having a mentee is an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile experience. So, don’t feel intimidated by asking someone to be your mentor, as they will likely be happy to do it. The best tip to keep in mind when asking someone to be your mentor? First build a professional relationship that makes becoming their mentee feel like the next natural step.

Want to find the perfect mentor for you and your career? Just follow these 8 steps!


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