By The Numbers: Should I Start a Side Hustle? [Infographic]

As you start your career, is a side hustle right for you?

Young professionals today are taking on side gigs at a rate that might surprise you. In fact, four out of ten Americans have started a side gig – many of those to help pay off debt, including student loans. But debt isn’t the only reason to earn income on the side…

Considering a Side Hustle

This infographic from Self Lender will help you decide if a side hustle is right for you. As you’ll see, if you’re struggling to pay off those student loans or meet monthly expenses a side gig is a no-brainer. But as you’ll also learn, freelance work can also become a solid creative outlet and a way to fulfill your professional passions. Of course, as the infographic points out, you must have marketable skills (and don’t we all?) before starting side work. And we must also have enough time in your daily life to perform your side gig duties well.

Once you’ve decided a side gig is right for you, be sure to pay particular attention to the section of the infographic that covers getting off to a good start. From playing to your strengths to setting realistic goals, this is solid freelancing (and career) advice!

You worked hard in school. So maybe a side hustle is just what you need to make sure all that hard work pays off!



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