12 Undeniable Characteristics of a Great Boss [Infographic]

In our digitally connected world, potential employers are using every tool at their disposal to screen and evaluate candidates. Time to turn the tables! The wealth of information available through the internet and informational interviews allows you to screen the management culture of the employer as well. Same goes for your potential supervisor. After all, aren’t we all looking for a great boss?

But what does a great boss look like?

Choosing a Great Boss

To help answer that question, we present this infographic from Officevibe. Here, you’ll learn that a great boss possesses 12 undeniable characteristics that make you want to work for them. They include honesty, positivity, and the ability to inspire.

Perhaps the best indicators of whether a boss will be a good fit for you? The existing company culture and leadership style.

You can easily evaluate the culture at potential employers through research on websites and social media. You can also learn a lot by networking with current and past employees. When researching companies, don’t stop there. And certainly don’t focus entirely on benefits packages and stock prices. Look also into the presence of the company’s management, and specifically the personality traits of your next boss.

For your next gig, don’t just look for a great job. Look for a great boss.


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