9 Productivity Mistakes: How to Avoid a Slow Start to The Day [Infographic]

Tempted to ease into the day at a leisurely pace? Well, productivity experts say that careful use of the first 10 minutes of your day are crucial for setting us up for a successful day. In fact, the productivity mistakes we make in the first ten minutes can actually ruin the entire day.

And we’re not just talking about the morning blues. Even a valiant attempt to get a head start on our work, but doing it in the wrong (and overly caffeinated) way, can have a negative an impact on our productivity.

Avoiding Productivity Mistakes In the First 10 Minutes

As you’ll see in this infographic from resume.io, it is better to use the first 10 minutes of your day to… plan your entire day.

Once planned, then focus your body and mind in the right place. Avoid sitting down in your chair straight away, for example. Making sure you’re close to natural light also helps, as does sharing your milestones and goals with others. Additional tips include leaving your email inbox and browser windows closed until you’ve accomplished some of those daily goals.

To learn more about the productivity mistakes to avoid in the first ten minutes of your work day, read on!


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