5 Must-Ask Questions for Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

We all know that proper preparation can eliminate the nervousness that comes with jumping into the job market. Doing your research on the potential new employer, though, is just the tip of the planning iceberg. Coming up with a few must-ask questions is now an important part of preparing for an interview.

And one of the most critical points in any interview is when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions…

What Are the Must-Ask Questions?

So, the tables are turned. This is your chance to quiz your potential new employer. Nothing is off-limits, including the role, the company, and the work place culture. In addition to gathering information, these must-ask questions have a bonus. They are also excellent opportunities to show off your critical thinking and analysis skills. What a great way to improve your chances of scoring the job, right?

The infographic below, brought to you by CareerBuilder, can help you prepare for the opportunity to question the interviewer. Specifically, it offers five important questions that you shouldn’t leave the interview without asking. Take a look, then tailor each question to your next job interview.

After all… when it’s time to interview the interviewer, you have to take full advantage.


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