Employer Online Research: How Companies Check You Out [Infographic]

Everyone knows employers are doing online research to evaluate candidates. We also know that anything you put online provides insight into who you are and what’s important to you.

So the question becomes: Online, are you making a good professional first impression?

Why Employers Count on Online Research

This infographic from our friends at Career Sherpa helps you understand why employers are looking at your online presence. From social proof of your qualifications and experience, to your online persona, and to how others feel about you and your work… its in here.

As you’ll also see, not having an online presence doesn’t help. In fact, almost half of the hiring companies won’t reach out to a candidate without a digital footprint. The simple fact is: For employers, this digital background check has become a major step in the hiring process. It is far less expensive and time consuming than the traditional face-to-face interview. In addition, this process also provides objective insight into how well you’ll fit into, and perhaps improve, the current company culture and climate.

While checking out this visual, spend some time studying the sections that discuss positive and negative online entries. After all…

The more you know about exactly what employers are looking for, the more you can generate that now much-needed professional (digital) first impression.


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