LinkedIn Job Hunting: How to Create the Perfect Profile [Infographic]

We all know LinkedIn is a great platform for job seekers looking for their next gig. And most of us understand that a perfect LinkedIn job hunting profile can seriously help us grab an employer’s attention and help win the job you desire.

But what does that perfect profile look like?

Attracting Attention While LinkedIn Job Hunting

According to research, around 94% of recruiters now turn to LinkedIn to search, keep tabs on, and reach out to potential candidates. LinkedIn very purpose is to help you make connections and further your career. If you’re using it for those purposes, you may already know that LinkedIn can be a most powerful career tool.

But to realize all this high-end potential, you first need to create a near-perfect LinkedIn profile. How else do you expect to get noticed among hundreds of millions of users?

To help you craft the perfect profile for your career, and take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer, Bellvue Students Accommodation outlined the elements of an effective LinkedIn profile in this infographic. From headshot to footer sections, and from a snappy headline to grounding testimonials, this infographic is here to help.

Take a look. Then see if your profile is close enough to perfect!


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