Career Industry Trends to Be Aware Right Now [Infographic]

The only constant is change. This is true for almost every aspect of life including your career. But did you ever consider that it may be true for the career industry itself?

Made up of HR professionals, career coaches, and other individuals whose job it is to help you get on ladder and climb it, the career industry changes as it embraces current trends. So what are the career industry trends you need to be aware of right now?

Current Career Industry Trends

What are the hot button issues and hiring trends most likely to affect you? Some may seem obvious like the growing reliance on social media screening. Others, may seem a bit more obscure like the emphasis on career storytelling. As trends fall in and out favor, it can be hard to keep track. Thankfully, this infographic from Career Thought Leaders presents you with the top 19 career industry trends that you should be aware of right now.

Right now, freelancing and contract hiring seems like the next big thing. Want to earn what you’re worth? Today’s HR professionals are more open to salary negotiation than ever before. Did you know a tech-savvy resume can create a competitive advantage? Learn more about these and other trends in the information below.

Ultimately, your career is in your hands. Learning industry trends could be the leg up you need.


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