11 Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers [Infographic]

When it comes to job interviews, there are so many things you can predict: the date, time, place, etc. Many of us, though, don’t lump the questions the interviewer might ask in the predictable category. However, once you know the most common job interview questions asked, the better you can predict, and prepare.

The first place to start: Knowing the job requirements listed in job posting. For example, the job description states this role demands strong leadership skills. In that case, expect a question designed to determine you’ve mastered that skill. In addition, you’ll likely be asked more general questions. The goal: to better understand your motivations, qualifications, and level of confidence.

The Most Common Job Interview Questions

For the most common job interview questions along those more “simple” lines, we turn to this infographic from Novoresume.com. Here, you’ll find 11 interview questions you might expect in both traditional and behavior-based interviews. Better yet, you’ll learn how best to answer them.

So take a look, and then get yourself ready to ace your next job interview!


common job interview questions



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