7 Hand Gestures That Make People Listen [Infographic]

As human beings, we communicate with far more than just our voice. When a person speaks, the listener also picks up on visual cues that often contain as much meaning as the words spoken. Sometimes these cues are unconscious. But the best communicators control their body language and hand gestures to maximize the impact of their words.

Communicating Through Hand Gestures

Psychologists say that hand gestures and body language are critical parts of human communication. No matter what they’re talking about, the best speakers have one thing in common… they use hand gestures to make sure their points are heard. And they do it in a controlled, yet natural way. In fact, not controlling these visual cues can often send the wrong message. If your hands and arms flail about wildly, you’ll look nervous, anxious, and out of control.

This animated infographic from PoundPlace demonstrates seven common hand gestures you can use to empower your communications. Using these visual cues strategically can emphasize your message and make people listen more attentively.

Speaking in public? Delivering a presentation? Dealing with someone one-on-one in an important conversation? These gestures will make people take you seriously.

So the next time you want to make sure that your audience they listen, throw in a few of the tried-and-true gestures.


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