How to Crush the Career Blues This Summer [Infographic]

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the sky is blue. Summer has arrived! But you’re still stuck in the office. As you gaze out the window with longing in your heart, your productivity suffers, and your attitude sours. Welcome to the career blues.

Avoid the Career Blues

The summer sun makes everyone think of relaxing days and warm, comfortable nights. So no one wants to sit behind an desk all day. But vacations typically only come once a year.

So how can you survive this self-inflicted incarceration without burning out? How do you beat the summer career blues?

The infographic below, brought to you by Instant Offices, reveals eight things you can do to crush the career blues and make it through this season of daydreams. As you’ll see, the key is to avoid boredom and add some spice to your days.

You might try learning a new skill or joining in on a team project. If you want some excitement, ask your boss for a raise. Of course, you can always save one or two vacation days so you can get out of the office for a day when things get too bad. And if it becomes absolutely necessary, you can always just take a walk during lunch and enjoy the sunshine for a moment. Whatever you do, taking care of your mental health is important.

So crush the career blues, and enjoy the summer!

After all, winter will be here before you know it.


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