Step Up Your Job Search: Use the Full Power of LinkedIn [Infographic]

Job search going nowhere? Feeling anxious? Looking for a way to shift your job search into high gear? You’re not alone. So why not take full advantage of the most powerful job search networking platform available, LinkedIn?

If you’re ready to take your job search to the next level, you need to start using LinkedIn more!

How to Leverage the Full Power of LinkedIn

Finding a job is about more than just sending out resumes and completing applications. You have to set yourself up to win.

There’s no better way to put yourself in a good position than to begin using all LinkedIn has to offer. Yes, it will help you create an online presence that will get you noticed. Just as important, through networking with others you can find out important information about the companies you want to work for. And if your profile and activity stands out? You might find companies coming to you.

This infographic from Execu|search gives you some insight into just how effective a job search that fully leverage LinkedIn cane be. For instance, you’ll learn that 9 of 10 recruiters use the world’s largest professional network to find the people they need. So, be sure to follow this advice, keep your profile up to date, and post often.

After all, isn’t time your job search took off?


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