Social Media Job Search: The Job Hunting Equalizer [Infographic]

The internet has become an essential job-seeking resource. And a social media job search has, for many, become the job hunting equalizer.

The Social Media Job Search: Not a Fad

For the second half of 2018, social media will once again play an important role in the job search process. In fact, today less than 5 percent of all employers ignore using social media for hiring.

That is just one of many shocking facts about the impact of social media you’ll find in this infographic from Resume Writing Lab. Here, you’ll see how many HR-managers use social media (96 percent on LinkedIn) in their hiring. You’ll also learn that many enterprises (over half) Google their candidates.

Other facts you may not have considered, but definitely impact you in our ultra-competitive job market:

  • Over 50 percent of all employees are considering finding a new job this year
  • Over 90 percent of them will use mobile technology in their job search

So, yes, you may still want to follow through with traditional methods. But social and digital media are tools you’ll want in your job search toolbox.

Want to attract the attention of the employers in 2018? Set out to create a strong digital presence and online resume. 


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