Relevant Job Skills: Must Haves for Your Resume [Infographic]

You know that feeling of irritation you get when you’re reading an article that rambles on, without getting to the point? Did you ever want to take a nap during a presentation where the speaker veers off course frequently? That’s exactly how it is with resumes too! Employers will only appreciate the skills and strengths listed on your resume if you focus on relevant job skills necessary for the position.

Otherwise, they’ll simply move on to the next resume. After all, they have plenty to choose from.

Highlighting Relevant Job Skills

You have a lot of skills that you’ve developed throughout your life. But how many of them are relevant to the job you want? One mistake that job seekers often make is to load up their resume with skills and experiences that have no bearing on the position. So, how do you know what’s important and what’s not? The easiest way is to read the job description.

This infographic from CareerBuilder lists a whole range of soft-skills and hard-skills and discusses how to tailor your resume so that only the most important and relevant are showcased and demonstrated. That way, you won’t put the hiring manager to sleep.

If your resume is everything they want… there’s a good chance you are too.


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