How to Answer Challenging Job Interview Questions [Infographic]

You know how to prepare for a job interview. You’ve got that part down. After all, you’ve read enough about it on the internet, heard it all from friends, and learned it all in school. But are you ready to answer the really challenging job interview questions?

Challenging Job Interview Questions

When preparing for a job interview, you want to practice answering some of the more common questions you think they’ll ask. That’s all well and good. You may even look here on YouTern or search a bit on the internet to find some of the more uncommon questions employers ask. You can never be too prepared.

But some questions are both common and difficult to answer. In many cases, these are questions that ask you to evaluate yourself.

Why should we hire you? What salary do you think you deserve? Where do you see yourself in five years? Questions like this force your to take stock and really look at yourself. That’s never an easy thing to do. This infographic from VetTechGuide presents the ten most common questions that challenge you to be honest with yourself. It will also suggest ways to answer them. But be careful…

If you’re 100 percent honest, you may need to change your thinking or yourself before you can change your answers.


challenging job interview questions



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