11 Pieces of Secret Career Advice No One Tells You [Infographic]

For most of us, the deluge of career advice began in our teens. Before we even went to college our parents, teachers, and counselors peppered us with the wisdom and knowledge they deemed important. Even now, we can’t turn around without running into advice from friends, co-workers, and even the internet (sorry). But is that everything? Is there some top secret career advice that people aren’t telling us?

Well, it’s not exactly secret, but there is a lot of unconventional career advice that people just won’t tell you.

The Not-So-Secret Secret Career Advice

Times have changed. A lot of the standard career advice you’ve heard all of your life has become less and less viable. You may still consider it sound advice, of course. But often some wiggle room exists. For instance, you’ve always been taught that if you don’t meet the job requirements, there is no sense in applying. However, that is no longer the case. Today, many companies are willing to hire less skilled candidates who show enthusiasm and drive.

That’s just the beginning. There’s plenty of good career advice that works in today’s economy but doesn’t fit the tried and true standards. This infographic from medium.com can help you sort through some of the unconventional secret career advice out there.

After all, you want to think “outside the box” on the job, right? So why not do it when you plan your career?


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