11 Signs You’re Stuck in a Career Rut (and How to Get Out) [Infographic]

Every day feels the same. In fact, the daily grind has become so monotonous that sometimes you can’t remember what day it is. You feel no sense of accomplishment, no excitement, and no enthusiasm. And you feel nothing will change anytime soon. You, my friend, are definitely in a career rut.

But, not everyone who’s in a rut realizes they’re in one. They just sense something isn’t right. And many people who know they’re in a rut don’t know how to climb out of it.

Getting Out of a Career Rut

This infographic from NetCredit shines a much needed light on eleven signs you might be in a career rut. Does anything sound familiar? If so, take a look at the great suggestions on how to climb out. The first step? Recognizing that your wheels are spinning and you might not be going anywhere. Then you can concentrate on getting the traction you need to start moving forward again. As you’ll see in the quick read below, starting fresh may require a nothing more than a vacation or some time off. But just maybe you need to make a more significant change.

So, start getting your self unstuck. And start moving toward the future you deserve.


career rut


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