#InternPro Chat | Workplace Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules Every Newbie Must Follow

workplace etiquetteAll those years of schooling, four plus years of college, internships, apprenticeships, and previous jobs have all prepared you for this moment. You secured the job of your dreams. You know your role and the company’s expectations. You’re ready! Or, so you think. You still need to figure out workplace etiquette, including those unwritten rules that exist in every company.

No matter how experienced and well-educated you are, you still have a lot to learn.

From texting on the job to when you can and can’t wear blue jeans, every office has its own set of rules governing employee behavior. Sometimes those rules are written down in an employee handbook, but more often than not, they are unwritten rules you have to discover for yourself. Failing to follow these unwritten rules can lead to everything from simple embarrassment to a formal reprimand. Besides, you don’t want to be the only person sitting in the break room in a business suit when everyone else is wearing jeans.

This Monday evening, March 12th, we’ll get together to talk a bit about workplace etiquette and those unwritten rules every new employee must follow. Sure, every office is different. But we’ll talk about some of the more common rules and share our own experiences. Together, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of going to work every day. (Yes, we’ll be chatting on social media, but don’t worry… it’s not during work hours.)

We’ll Start by Discussing the Following Workplace Etiquette Topics…

Q1: Why are so many of the rules of the workplace “unwritten”? Why don’t we talk more about workplace etiquette more?

Q2: When you entered the workforce, which “unwritten” rule surprised you most? How did you learn this rule?

Q3: For better or worse, what unwritten rules of workplace etiquette will stand the test of time?

Q4: Which rules have changed the most since technology dramatically changed how we work and how we’re connected?

Q5: Your best advice? “The rules of etiquette don’t apply to my boss. He texts at all hours of the morning and evening.

Q6: How do I handle the hypocrisy of some rules? For example, our “open door policy” when doors are hardly ever open?

Q7: Agree? Disagree? Why? “I get to dress casually. My hours are flexible. I can handle a few silly unwritten rules.”

Q8: As “CEO for the Day” you get to change one unwritten rule about workplace etiquette. What would you choose?

Come and share your experiences and listen to others talk about theirs. Together, let’s shed some light on those unwritten rules… and maybe make those first days at a new job easier.

The first unwritten rule? There are always unwritten rules.



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