An Introvert’s Guide: Get Your Voice Heard in Work Meetings [Infographic]

For those who self-identify as an introvert, work meetings can feel like a necessary evil.

Sure, those meetings are important. But you know group situations aren’t exactly your sweet spot; they certainly aren’t where you draw your energy. So even when you have something amazing to contribute, you don’t welcome the opportunity as much as your more extroverted colleagues might.

A New Approach to Work Meetings

You don’t have to be outgoing to excel in group meetings. This handy guide from Onward can help you use your introverted nature to your advantage. As you’ll see, it’s all about capitalizing on your skills and qualities as an introvert and adapting them to the group environment.

Our favorite piece of advice: looking through the agenda early so you can start to form data-supported opinions in advance. Then, in the meeting you’ll be ready to express your ideas while your extroverted colleagues are still finding their voice. Of course, you’ll want to finish strong, too. According to the infographic, a great way to do that is to take responsibility for summing things up for the team.

Work meetings may never be fun for you. But by following these tips you’ll make sure your voice is heard.


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