Too Much Time Online? Job Search Must Be More than Just Chasing Jobs

chasing jobsAre you investing the bulk of your time only chasing jobs posted online? If yes, you are missing out on the opportunity to meet with individuals inside companies that could potentially hire you.

And meeting people who influence hiring decisions is where the real opportunities lie! 

Here are four reasons you need to stop chasing jobs, spend less time searching online, and be proactive during your job search.

The Majority of Jobs are Filled Internally

It is so much easier for a company to promote someone internally. The candidate already knows the company, the culture, the processes, etc. However, that doesn’t always mean an internal candidate is the best choice.

Even if there isn’t a job available, you should be having conversations with people inside companies you would like to work for. As you meet with people to learn more about their business, be sure to share how being an outsider offers fresh, valuable perspectives on solving their problems.

Inevitably, they will be hiring someone and you want them to think of you as their next great hire!

You are Competing Against Hundreds of Other Job Seekers

Once a job posting goes public, everyone and their brother is applying. All the employer can see is your resume, if they even see that.

If your resume doesn’t contain the right keywords or skill sets required by the company’s screener, chances as slim that anyone will ever see your resume. And what makes you think you are a stronger, more likable candidate than the hundreds of external candidates AND the handful of internal candidates? What tips the scales in your favor when the competition is so steep? Can you see how much more difficult it is to stand out?

They May Have Already Hired Someone Else

By the time the job posting goes public, the hiring manager has already been asking everyone they know, inside and outside the company, who would be a good fit for the upcoming open job. Sometimes this has been going on for months before the job gets announced. Imagine all the people who come to mind and who are referred for the job.

If all you do is wait for posted jobs, chances are, your name won’t be in the running. Once the job does get announced, perhaps it has been custom tailored to match the very unique and specific skill sets and background of the predetermined candidate. You will never meet the requirements of the job if this is the case. You can’t. It has been written so that only one person is truly qualified.

Use a Proactive Job Search

How frustrating is it when you don’t see any good jobs available? And then there is the frenetic rush on the rare days when you see more than one job available and you have to research the company, tweak your resume and customize your cover letter to get it to the company ASAP.

When you only look at posted jobs, you have peaks and valleys of activity. Your just chasing jobs in a job search that is actually driven by their timeline, not one you have influence over. I would prefer you have more control over your activities and use of your time, wouldn’t you?


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