#InternPro Chat: How to Keep Your First Impression from Becoming Your Last

first impressionWhen it comes to searching for a job, and your career in general, a great deal of importance is placed on making a good first impression. For hiring managers who can only spend a small amount time with each candidate, for example, will largely inform the decision they’re about to make. That’s why you have be sure that whether that impression is conveyed online, through your resume, or in an interview, you’re prepared to be at your best.

Otherwise, your first impression could easily become… your last.

Of course, after you make a stellar impression and you win the job, the hard part really begins. Now, you have to live up to that impression. You have to start thinking about what must be done during the first months on the job to make sure you live up to the hype.

This Monday evening, March 5th, we’ll get together for an in-depth discussion of first impressions. We’ll talk about how to make sure you catch the recruiters eye – and how to impress your new employer when the job begins.

Here are the Questions We’ll Use to Frame the First Impression Discussion…

Q1: You meet someone for the first time. What determines whether their first impression is marvelous or meh?

Q2: What makes for a positive digital first impression? How do I impress employers,  influencers and my future in–laws?

Q3: I have a job interview at a great company! What must I do to create a solid first impression with the hiring manager?

Q4: My new job starts soon. I have 90 days of probation. How do I ensure I’m making a good impression every day?

Q5: I’m pretty sure I blew my first impression with my new manager and coworkers. How do I earn a do-over?

Q6: I’m an introvert, and am not known for making a great in-person first impression. What is your best advice for me?

Q7: It’s my first time in a management role. What do I need to do right up front to gain the trust of my direct reports?

Q8: What kind of first impression do you want to create? When you meet someone new, what do you want them to see in you?

A good first impression can help you land the job; living up to that impression will help you keep it.



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