Finding Career Motivation to Keep You Moving Forward [Infographic]

We’re in the home stretch now. Spring approaches. Soon long, warm summer nights and extended vacations will re-energize you. But what can you do until then? How can you get plow through the long work days and seemingly endless meetings? For starters, try boosting your level of career motivation.

Career Motivation and You

To get you started, and to keep you motivated, we present this infographic from QuidCorner. Here, you’ll see that scientists have poured over what motivates us, and they’ve identified two different types of motivation. Inner motivations drive us to achieve personal goals like eating healthier. Outer motivations, on the other hand, are externally imposed, such as expectations from others and project deadlines.

But it turns out that we all react to these expectations differently. Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin has discovered four personality types – Upholders, Questioners, Obligers and Rebels – who respond to expectations in different ways. Follow the chart in this infographic to discover which group you belong to and what makes you tick. Then read on to find out where you can draw motivation from when you find yourself in a bit of a rut.

Hang in there! Because the sun is coming… and your vacation will be here in no time.


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