How to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Workplace [Infographic]

Since the days of Nostradamus, doomsayers have predicted a rather bleak future. Today, one of their favorite topics of gloomy discussion: tomorrow’s workplace.

Lend them an ear and they’ll tell you all about robots that will steal your job and artificial intelligence that will make human ingenuity obsolete. But what will the future of work really look like? And perhaps more importantly, how can you prepare for your inevitable place in it?

Tomorrow’s Workplace and You

It should come as no surprise that, for many of us, tomorrow’s workplace will be a digital workplace. After all, in many ways that future already exists. If you still want to gaze into a crystal ball, however, take a long, hard look at this infographic from Gartner. Filled with solid predictions, it provides valuable insights into the future of work.

As you’ll see, the future will expand on current trends as machines get smarter and the devices we use get smaller. The need for human creativity to explore new ways to use technology will grow. Advances in communication technology will also further the current trend toward globalization and cooperation.

Knowing the direction the future of work can help you prepare yourself for the workplace of tomorrow. Just remember, the future is what you make of it.


tomorrow's workplace



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